Bean: A Word Processor for OS X

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Bean History

Read about the origins of Bean here.

Other apps…

iText Express is a small, free Cocoa word processor that does footnotes.

OpenOffice Aqua is a large, free MS Word clone featuring a native OS X interface.

AbiWord 2.3.99 (the last usable version for OS X in my opinion) can be downloaded here (direct download link).

WordService (download link toward bottom of page) will add valuable actions to your Services menu, such as Remove Line Endings, Sort Items, Remove Multiple Spaces, All Caps, Rotate13, etc.

When Bean users request these features, I point them toward WordService. Be sure to read the installation instructions. (NOTE: from OS X 10.6 onward you must individually enable Service menu items at System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Services.) A discussion of the power of Services.

CopyPaste Pro is a multiple clipboard utility that lets you display, edit and archive clippings. It also offers Services-like functionality. By breaking the one-clipping limit of the Pasteboard, you can work less and accomplish more. (Bean is the built-in editor for CopyPaste.)